Oberon Diagnostic Equipment
The non-lined diagnostic system (NLS)

OBERON IS THE LATEST IN NON-INVASIVE EQUIPMENT for Bio-Resonance and NLS Analysis of the Human Body Including Therapy, Remedy Preporation, nutrition Suggestions and Suppliment Testing. Read More



Oberon not only delivers accurate diagnostic but it does so visually. Clients are often very excited to be able to see different organs and tissues of their body improve, as they are being treated or tested. Oberon software is designed with shapes; colors and descriptions which will capture the clients/patients attention and help them feel more confident about the test and treatment.


The Oberon, an NLS device, evaluates a client’s current bioenergetic state, without any exposure to radiation and through the use of infrared LED technology. The Oberon measures electromagnetic oscillations occurring within the body and compares them to healthy and functional biological states. The analysis provides accurate information that enables the recognition of pathological processes manifesting at the cellular level. Oberon will then recommend balancing frequencies to be applied to the body in order to modulate the biological deficiencies and health challenges that were detected during analysis, thereby assisting in the client’s return to a healthy state.